Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jaime Brooks Website Complete!

I am very happy to announce the completion of Jaime Brook's website!

This has been quite an adventure, Jaime already had a site and asked me to create a new website that was similar to the old site.  Even though the styles were similar to the old site, this was a complete overhaul including a completely custom layout and a few revisions on the color choices.  We finally decided upon black and gold, the colors of the Hunt broker she now works under.

The site includes many features, including multiple jQuery functions with pop-outs and other features.  There are multiple forms throughout the site for visitors to fill out and are emailed to Jaime.

There is also a simple admin control panel that allows Jaime to manage the content on many of the pages (CMS) as well as a property management tool. This tool allows Jaime to update, delete and add property listings that automatically creates a listing page.  There is also the added functionality for Jaime to add photos to the listings which sets up a photo gallery on the listing page.  Jaime can also link a property to a YouTube video for virtual tours which are automatically added to the listing page.

Overall, I am very pleased with how the project turned out, Jaime has been a pleasure to work with and we were able to complete the project in just over a week!

Site is live here: http://www.jaimebrooks.com

Monday, September 13, 2010

TKM-Designs Gets a Facelift!



I am extremely excited to launch the brand new design for my freelance business, TKM-Designs!

This was a complete overhaul of the previous design.  The design includes a slick Web 2.0 style layout and buttons, and a completely new Logo to incorporate the latest family addition, the business is still called TKM-Designs, but to logo now contains a superscript 2 to represent the two M's in the family, Makenna and Myla. The site utilizes the jQuery framework for the portfolio carousel on the home page as well as custom tooltips and pop-out images.  The site also features a client control panel which includes a calendar to track events as well as upcoming payments and a live testing environment to visually see the progress of the current project.

I am extremely please with out the site turned out!