Friday, January 1, 2010

8 Reasons To Choose A Freelance Web Designer

  1. From start to finish, you’re talking to the top creative designer on the job, so your project specifications don’t need to be relayed before action is taken.
  2. There are no separate account managers, senior creatives or junior designers, each with differing interpretations of the design brief.
  3. You’re hiring the person responsible for 100% of the graphic design portfolio
  4. Phone calls go directly to the person working on your project — not a sales person or account manager.
  5. With many freelancers working from home, they can often pass on considerable savings made through low overheads.
  6. Design revisions can frequently be made almost immediately after the request.
  7. Billing enquiries and delivery timeframes can be clarified at the same time as specific design discussions.
  8. Freelance designers and small design firms can be a great resource for future website upgrades because the designer who designed your website is probably the owner, chances are he won't fire himself or be looking for a better career opportunity.

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